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Storage cage making process
Nov 21, 2018

The main components of the storage cage are divided into mesh sheets and chassis manufacturing.

The mesh is processed by wire Q235 or Q195 high wire into a thin wire with a diameter of 5.8 or more than 6.2, and then cut into various lengths. After being hit by the welding machine, the mesh is manufactured into a semi-finished mesh. Most of the meshes are galvanized and sprayed, and rust-proof galvanizing is better than spray. The wire diameter is an important parameter for the load.

The chassis is processed by the raw material sheet through a bending machine. The plates are usually used for 1.8 and 2.5, and then cut and manually welded into channel steel. The chassis is an important parameter for carrying.

There are two kinds of welding of bottom mesh and bottom channel steel. One is manual welding, which can not guarantee the welding of each contact point. The other is the full welding technology commonly used by Shanghai enterprises. Each contact point of channel steel and mesh passes. The machine welder has a stronger bearing capacity.

Finally, the mesh and the chassis are assembled by springs and back buckles.

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