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Equipment Classification
Nov 21, 2018

By Development

Shelves are divided into traditional shelves and new shelves according to the development of the shelves. Traditional shelves include: shelf, layer format shelf, drawer shelf, cabinet shelf, U-shaped frame, cantilever frame, grid frame, saddle frame, gas cylinder steel tube frame, tire special shelf and so on. The new shelves include: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, shuttle shelves, fabricated shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, incoming shelves, high-rise shelves, loft-style shelves, gravity shelves, screen-mounted shelves, and so on.

There are many types of shelves, but storage shelves, light storage shelves, medium-sized storage shelves, heavy-duty storage shelves, attic shelves, etc.

By Applicability

Shelves can be divided into general shelves and special shelves according to the applicability of the shelves. According to the manufacturing materials of the shelves, steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, mixed shelves of steel and steel reinforced concrete, wooden shelves, steel-wood composite shelves, etc. According to the degree of closure of the shelf, it is divided into open shelves, semi-closed shelves, closed shelves and the like. Layered frame, layer frame, cabinet frame, drawer frame, cantilever frame, tripod frame, grid frame, etc. according to structural features. According to the movable part of the shelf, fixed shelves, mobile shelves, rotating shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves and so on. According to the shelf use, the pharmacy shelves, convenience store shelves, etc., according to the shelf structure, the overall structure, the shelves directly support the warehouse roof and the shed, the split structure, the shelves and buildings are divided into two independent systems.

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