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Steel grating manufacturing process
Nov 21, 2018

Production standard

The production standard of steel grid, (China is the latest version of the steel grid standard in 2007); in addition, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand also have their own standards. Steel standards in accordance with GB700-88, GB1220-92.

Production process

The production process of steel grid is generally divided into two types: machine pressure welding and hand-made. The machine pressure welding uses a high-voltage resistance welding machine, and the robot automatically traverses the horizontal rod on the evenly arranged flat steel, through powerful electric welding power and hydraulic pressure. The force is pressed into the flat steel by the cross bar, so that a high-quality steel grating with strong solder joints, high stability and high strength can be obtained. The hand-made steel grating is first punched on the flat steel, and then the crossbar is Spot welding in the hole, there will be gaps between the cross bar and the flat steel, and it is impossible to weld at each contact point, so the welding is not strong and the strength is reduced.

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