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Steel grille introduction
Nov 21, 2018

Steel grille, also known as grille, steel grating or grid plate, is made of flat steel and twisted steel. The steel grille is durable and more affordable than other products. Its main purpose is in power plant platform and parking platform. , maintenance platform, ditch cover and tread board. Also used in environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment, etc., because of his superiority is increasingly widely used.

The gap width between the grid bars can be set according to the way of removing dirt and the requirements of the water pump. The gap of the manual cleaning grid is generally 16~25mm. The grate in front of the grit chamber or sedimentation tank is generally 15-30mm and the maximum is 40mm. There are three kinds of commonly used mechanical slag cleaning equipment, namely chain type, mobile type and wire rope traction type grid cleaning machine.

According to the size of the grating grid spacing, the grid is divided into three types: coarse grid, medium grid and fine grid. According to the slag cleaning method of the grille, there are three kinds of artificial grille, mechanical grille and hydraulic clearing grille. According to the characteristics of the grille structure, it can be divided into various forms such as grabbing, circulating, arc, rotary, drum, rotary, gingival and stepped. The grid equipment is generally used in the inlet channel of sewage treatment or the inlet of the lifting pump station collecting basin. The main function is to remove large suspended or floating materials in the sewage to reduce the processing load of the subsequent water treatment process and play Protect pumps, pipes, instruments, etc. When the amount of grid slag intercepted is greater than 0.2m3/d, mechanical slag removal method is generally adopted; when the grid slag amount is less than 0.2m3/d, manual slag removal method or mechanical slag removal method may be adopted.

The application of the grille has a wide range of applications in the fields of building construction, design and decoration, sewage treatment, and engineering applications.

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