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Storage cage classification
Nov 21, 2018

The folding storage cage is designed for convenient access at any time. When stacking storage, the small door can be opened at any time to store or remove items, eliminating the trouble of turning over the warehouse. Moreover, it can be stored after folding, which greatly saves space. Due to the special reinforcement treatment, the non-foldable storage cages have a large bearing capacity, and generally more layers can be stacked.

The traction storage cage is equipped with a traction device at the left and right positions of the storage cage. Generally, the casters are added, and the storage cages are connected front and rear, which can be conveniently flowed in a relatively smooth ground.

The bottom of the caster storage cage is equipped with wheels, generally two universal wheels, two with brake wheels, which are flexible and light, and are suitable for the production workshop.

The heavy storage cage is a special storage cage developed by the storage cage according to the customer's demand. It is welded by angle steel and rectangular tube. Compared with the ordinary storage cage, it has the characteristics of large bearing capacity and firm structure, and is spray-treated.

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