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Industrial Pallet Racking

TOCO Industrial Pallet Racking is the simplest and most widely used single deep selective rack all over the world. It simply consists of frame and beam and other accessories.

TOCO Industrial Pallet Racking is a most useful and cost-effective storage racking system providing direct access to all pallets. It provides medium storage capacity, and can easily be installed and adjusted, and has low equipment and capital costs.



1. Providing good storage utility.

2. Picking levels available

3. Suitable for storage of heavy items with pallets and forklift.

4. Clients need to consider the size, weight and levels of pallets to choose uprights and beams .

5. VNA is with narrow distance between racking rows and to use a special forklift.

6. Upright: 90*70/100*70mm with 50mm, 75mm and 76.2mm pitch

7. Beam: 80*50/100*50/110*50/120*50/140*50/160*50mm

8. Steel shelf: 0.7mmT, 0.8mmT, 1.0mmT, different thickness different loading capacity.


Components & Spare parts

Upright Frame & Beam



Support Bar


Base Plate


Bolts & Nuts




Selective Industrial Pallet Racking is normally used for storage warehouses to organize the materials in good order.


After Sales Service:

TOCO provides after sales services to ensure the materials arrived in good quality and well installed. It includes shipping delivery, assembly drawing, onsite supervision etc.

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