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Galvanized Pallet Racking

Galvanized pallet racking is normally for outdoor use. High costs due to its thick zinc finish to prevent corrosion outside.

Galvanized pallet racking system is normally for outdoor use as the hot dipped galvanization can last for years even under severe environment.


1) The most popular and economical racking system.
2) Upright is formed by high-quality cold rolled steel, with an omega shaped section.
3) Box beam or step beam used. Beam can be freely adjusted by pitch 50mm, 75mm or 76.2mm.
4) Connection of the upright and beam is by wedging, with safety pin locked.
5) Accessories: upright protector, guide rail, frame barrier, row spacer, wire mesh decking, steel shelf, etc.
6) First level pallets can be placed on the floor.



1. All components are Hot Galvanized

2. Upright and Beam are bolted so not easily disassembled outside.

3. Easy access and installation, direct to every pallets.


Main Parts

Upright Frame and Beam


Beam Packs



Galvanized Pallet Racking is good for outdoor storage due to all components is hot galvanized.


After Sales Service:

TOCO provides after sales services to ensure the materials arrived in good quality and well installed. It includes shipping delivery, assembly drawing, onsite supervision, warranty etc.

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