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Device Function
Nov 21, 2018

Different types of shelves have different characteristics, and high-level shelves have the characteristics of good assembly, large carrying capacity and strong stability. The shelf material is made of hot and cold steel. The gallery-style shelves are designed to store a large number of similar pallet goods, also called channelless shelves. The trays are stored one by one in the depth direction on the support rails, which increases the storage density and improves the space utilization. Such shelves are commonly used in places where storage space is expensive, such as frozen warehouses. 

The gallery-style shelf has four basic components: frame, rail support, tray rails and diagonal rods. This shelf warehouse has a high utilization rate and can be implemented in a first-in, first-out, or advanced-out. Suitable for storing large quantities, small variety of goods, batch operations. The smallest amount of space is available to provide maximum storage. It is suitable for large-volume, low-volume cargo storage operations. The forklift can be directly driven into the cargo lane for access to the cargo, making the operation extremely convenient.

Shelf machinery equipment requirements: anti-balance forklift or stacker shelf features: suitable for storage with low inventory flow; can provide 20%-30% optional; for warehouses with low pick-up rate. Ground use rate: 60%, higher (according to the above design). Beam-type shelves are the most popular and economical form of shelves, safe and convenient, suitable for a variety of warehouses, direct access to goods. It is the simplest and most widely used shelf. Make full use of space. The convenient pallet access mode is adopted to effectively cooperate with the loading and unloading of the forklift, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Mechanical equipment requirements: anti-balance forklift or stacker. The stacker can increase the floor space utilization rate by 30%, the operating height is more than 16 meters, the characteristics of the beam type shelf, and the smooth inventory turnover can provide 100% selection ability. Increase the average pick-up rate. 

Shelves provide quality product protection. Ground use rate: 31%, gravity type shelf: no need to operate channel compared to ordinary pallet rack, so increase space utilization by 60%; pallet operation follows the principle of first in, first out; automatic storage and revolving; storage and picking two actions The separation greatly increases the output, and since the load is self-gravity, and there is no operation channel, the number of transportation routes and the number of forklifts is reduced. 

On the channel of each layer of the shelf, a rail with a certain slope and a track is installed, and the unit cargo that is put into the warehouse flows from the inflow end to the outflow end under the action of gravity. Such a warehouse has no working channel between the rows and rows, which greatly improves the utilization of the warehouse area. However, in use, it is preferable that the goods in the same row and on the same floor should be the same goods or goods that are simultaneously in and out of the warehouse. 

The height of the layer is adjustable, and it can be equipped with various types of forklifts or stackers. It can realize quick access of all kinds of pallets. The maximum load of unit cargo can reach 5000kg, which is the most commonly used storage method in all walks of life.

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