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Galvanized Metal Pallet

Galvanized Metal pallet is widely used in many industries. Due to its durable character, it gradually takes over wooden pallet and plastic pallet markets. Galvanized finish is used for cold storage or outdoor.

Steel pallet is an ideal replacement of traditional wooden pallet and plastic pallet. It is proper for forklift and easy accessed. Steel pallet has high load bearing and long life, and resists the corrosion. The cost is lower in a long run.


Steel metal pallet is often used with racking system. Galvanized steel pallet has advantage in cold warehouse. Powder painted steel pallet has many colors available. Customers can choose any color preferred. Plastic pallet and wooden pallet cannot meet this requirement.



Loads capacity: 500kg~3000kg

Generally our standard size is as following:

-W800xD800, W800xD1000, W800xD1100, W800xD1200

-W1000xD800, W1000xD1000, W1000xD1100, W1000xD1200

-W1100xD800, W1100xD1000, W1100xD1100, W1100xD1200

-W1200xD800, W1200xD1000


1. Entry type: 4-way or 2 way 

2. We could provide three kinds pallet in material, steel, wood and plastic 

3. Galvanized metal pallet is more durable than plastic and wooden pallet 

4. Various kinds of color for choice. 

5. Our steel pallets are widely used in warehouse storage.




We are the most professional racking manufacturer in China. We have done many racking and shelving projects all over the world.


After Sales Service:

1. Free but expert advice & professional storage solutions satisfying specific storage needs. 

2. Strict order execution: Strict quality control, sample test. 

3. Quick delivery. Within 15 work days for ordinary order quantity.

4. Samples available. 


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