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Push Back Pallet Racking

TOCO Push back Pallet racking helps you make the best use of your warehouse without having to slow product rotation or increase handling time. With a push back pallet racking system in place, warehouses can store more pallets while maintaining better selectivity (access to SKUs) than other high-density systems like drive-in racking.

TOCO push back storage pallet racking system can offer up to 90% more storage space than traditional selective pallet racking. That’s one reason why this dynamic pallet storage system is surging in popularity, quickly becoming the preferred method of storage in many sectors.


Push back pallet racking systems store pallets on wheeled carts that rest on rails and operate using the force of gravity. The rails are slightly tilted towards the pallet pick face, where pallets are loaded and unloaded. This enables forklift operators to load pallets onto the carts and push them back as the next pallet is loaded.



During unloading, the pallet being unloaded acts as a brake for the pallets behind it. Once the pallet is fully removed, the pallet behind is positioned at the pick face for unloading next.


push back (6)


1. Offers better use of available storage space than most systems

2. Minimizes honeycombing effect

3. Allows storage of more SKU’s

4. Saves on labor – forklift drivers don’t have to remove obstructive pallets

5. Provides more storage rack area with a single-aisle design

6. Allows for quick and easy loading/unloading of pallets

7. Each lane is LIFO

8. Large, coated wheels let pallet carts roll smoothly

9. Very low-maintenance, sealed bearings
11. Low-profile cart stack maximizes available storage height

12. Forklifts never have to enter the rack, promoting safety and saving time


Components & Spare parts

Upright Frame


Push Back Pallet Racking normally used in Automotive Distribution Centers, Cooler Storage, Food and Beverage, Freezer Storage, Medical Industry, Print Manufacturing, Printing Manufacturing.


After Sales Service:

TOCO provides after sales services to ensure the materials arrived in good quality and well installed. It includes shipping delivery, assembly drawing, onsite supervision etc.

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