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Drive In Pallet Racking

TOCO Drive In Pallet Racking is a cost effective, high density storage solution for pallets and products.

TOCO Drive In Pallet Racking for its design, drive-in pallet rack is a first in, last out (FILO) storage system. Drive in racking is best used with a large quantity of like-products that are not time sensitive, in order to best utilize warehouse space. Warehouse access aisles are kept to a minimum with drive-in rack, often allowing users to achieve double or more storage capacity.



1. Maximum pallet storage
2. Virtually unlimited depth of storage
3. Limited aisles, resulting in more efficient use of space
4. Guide rails can help defend against forklift damage
5. Utilize density over selectivity
6. Custom designed for your pallets & forklifts
7. Cost-effective storage strategy
8. Can be integrated with push back pallet rack to form a combination system

Components & Spare parts



Pallet Rail


Ground Rail





Drive In Pallet Racking is widely used in storage warehouses for food, cold storage, factories, logistic distribution center, etc.


After Sales Service:

TOCO provides after sales services to ensure the materials arrived in good quality and well installed. It includes shipping delivery, assembly drawing, onsite supervision etc.

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